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Bordeaux from the 1980s, part 2 – mainly 1982, nearly 30 years on

Once again, I am lucky to know so many cool and passionate wine-loving people in Washington DC. On December 29, we each brought some mighty special bottles, with no defects, no cork issues, quite lucky indeed. Participant Kevin Shin posted some superb notes on this dinner, and I agree with much of what he has written. […]


Bordeaux 1982 horizontal: blast from the past in Washington D.C. (tasted December 2005)

One had 12 % alcohol, another 11.5% – I do not think any of the nine Bordeaux 1982s we enjoyed had more than 12.5%. Does this matter? Perhaps not at all. But in this day and age of very ripe and concentrated Bordeaux, sometimes clocking in at 13.5 or even 14.5% [and since this article […]