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Wine freshness defined, without just nostalgic, rose-tinted glasses

A tasting that brought home to me a certain nostalgia. A poster on the wine forum recently lamented the loss of Old School Bordeaux. He went so far as to give “faint praise” to the 1982 vintage, while extolling the virtues of the 70s and 60s. I found his comments a bit strange but […]


29 fine to sublime from 2009: dry German Rieslings tasted blind

          25 September 2010. Berlin. I was invited by wine and food enthusiast Martin Zwick, where he gathered other tasters, including professional wine merchants, journalists, bloggers  and the well-known German winemaker Hans Oliver Spanier. The occasion was the ‘Berlin Riesling Cup’ when we tasted 29 grand cru Rieslings from the 2009 […]